Student Placement: Joe Kyne

Aug 04, 2015

Joe Kyne

University of Bournemouth

Marketing Student



Joe is studying for a degree in Marketing Communications at Bournemouth and has chosen to complete his third year placement at Gill. After completing his third year, Joe will return to University to complete his final year and hopes to pursue a career within Marketing.

Why did you choose to do a placement year?

I did deliberately choose a course with a placement year because of the benefits I thought it would offer. I chose Gill because the job looked interesting being technology based and having strong connections to the motorsport industry.

Tell us about the projects you have been working on while you have been at Gill.

My main activities apart from the day-to-day stuff of marketing have been managing a motorsport  campaign promoting a new range of sensors. I have also spent a lot of time organising company tradeshows such as the Maintec trade show and organising a networking event at the Seawork show.

What have you learnt?

My main takeaway has been that marketing is all about teamwork. To get the best results you have to work closely with your colleagues in marketing as well as the sales team. Also you need to be flexible in the tasks you do, marketing has short deadlines and you need to be adaptable to achieve tight deadlines. I also have a clear idea of processes within a company-how they can help and also how they can hinder.

What have been the biggest benefits to you?

The main benefit has been completing my placement meaning I can complete my degree. Also meeting and working with different people and the human interaction. Communicating is essential in delivering marketing activities.

Do you think your placement year has prepared you better for University?

Yes, definitely. The disciplines of full-time working life I have experienced and learnt while at Gill will transfer well to University and will make me much more effective in my final year.

Would you recommend doing a placement year at Gill?

Yes! Working at Gill has enabled me to work for three different companies and that additional diversity has provided me with a much broader experience than just working for a single company.

Best moments?

Going to the All-energy trade show in Glasgow, it was a really good experience and nice to meet customers face-to-face. Also  the Christmas party and going to the pub on Friday lunchtimes.

What do you want to do after university?

I don’t really know what I want to do with my life. I will probably do something in Marketing-possibly in the horse racing industry. My philosophy is that you have to do something you are passionate about, hence my interest in horse racing.

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